Supporting the Activities of Mr. Pratte's Students

Career Ed Simulation Project

  • Career selection based on thorough research that includes prerequisites, personal attributes required, salary etc. Students need to clearly justify their choices. Selections may be may be rejected. E.g. students can't choose engineering if they have been unsuccessful in math. Also, no pro athletes.
  • Income Statement - after all other sections are completed, an income statement, post federal and provincial tax calculation, must be completed. No net losses are allowed.
  • Develop a two week food plan, shop and cost it. We will go to a local grocery store as part of this step
  • Use online tools to purchase and finance a vehicle using current bank rates
  • Budget for a collection of incidental living expense including clothing, utilities, entertainment, savings


Phase Two: Financial Management (Income Statement)


Complete, neatly and in pen, the handout provided in class. A duplicate is available below for printing at home if needed.. If working with an assigned partner, be sure to include both after tax incomes. Complete each step one at a time using the links below. Ask when uncertain.






You may by new or used. One vehicle must accommodate two children. You will calculate the monthly cost using the financial calculator. There are more options than listed here including using a manufacturer's online tools.


Meal Planning




If You're in the Room, Be in the Room