Supporting the Activities of Mr. Pratte's Students

This site support success in the classroom and aids communication between families and the school.


Inside you will find:


  • duplicates of most graded activities distributed in class in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format
  • summaries of themes for the current course of studies
  • a calendar listing important events including dates for tests and assignments, field trips and conferences
  • embedded videos, links to Internet sites addressing specific learning outcomes, tutorials for review
  • a resource page with targeted, subject based supports


Please note, the best way to reach me is via email. Calls will be returned but typically not until after the end of the school day. I invite your input. Please get in touch if you have questions or news. The classroom works best as a partnership when all involved are working together to see each child engaged, challenged and supported.

If You're in the Room, Be in the Room