Ministry of Education
Gr 8 outcomes/indicators

Math has four broad themes, each of which has many specific skills. You can view them at the Ministry of Education's website. The categories are:

  • Number - divisibility rules, relating positive fractions, decimals and percents, operations with integers

  • Patterns and Relations - linear relations (algebraic expressions and equations), graphing

  • Space and Shape - use of Pi, circles, polygons, 2D relationships - bisectors, perpendicular etc.

  • Statistics and Probability - measures of central tendency (average), outliers, circle graphs, determining likelihood

Practice Quizzes

8's multiple choice quizzing This is the Gr. 8 collection of M/C quizzes connected to our primary resource, Math Focus 8.


Math Focus Textbook

Focus 8 math textbook - all solutions

Current Focus - Triangle Numbers, Squares and Roots, Pythagorean Theorem

We are finishing up a summary of Gr. 7 concepts and now beginning the first of the Gr. 8 units.

Key Topics

  • using factor trees to find prime factors

  • finding squares and square roots using both estimation (mental math) and calculation (calculator skills)

  • solving geometry problems using square concepts

  • using the formula c2 = a2 + b2 to solve problems with right angle triangles