Ministry of Education
Gr 8 outcomes/indicators

Math has four broad themes, each of which has many specific skills. You can view them at the Ministry of Education's website. The categories are:

  • Number - divisibility rules, relating positive fractions, decimals and percents, operations with integers

  • Patterns and Relations - linear relations (algebraic expressions and equations), graphing

  • Space and Shape - use of Pi, circles, polygons, 2D relationships - bisectors, perpendicular etc.

  • Statistics and Probability - measures of central tendency (average), outliers, circle graphs, determining likelihood

Practice Quizzes

8's multiple choice quizzing This is the Gr. 8 collection of M/C quizzes connected to our primary resource, Math Focus 8.

Math Focus Textbook

Focus 8 math textbook - all solutions

Current Focus - SP8.1 Data Analysis and Management

Determining the accuracy and reasonableness of presented data

Last year, students learned about measures used to find central values along with a few terms such as sample and population. They also added to their skills at creating graphs. This year, that work will continue but with the added challenge of determining if data, as represented in graphs, is portrayed accurately and in a way that isn't misleading. Ultimately, students need to justify their conclusions.

  • communicate the suitability, advantages and disadvantages of various types of graphs

  • create appropriate graphs as the end product of a research activity

  • explain the strengths and weaknesses of provided graph samples