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Gr 8 outcomes/indicators

Math has four broad themes, each of which has many specific skills. You can view them at the Ministry of Education's website. The categories are:

  • Number - divisibility rules, relating positive fractions, decimals and percents, operations with integers

  • Patterns and Relations - linear relations (algebraic expressions and equations), graphing

  • Space and Shape - use of Pi, circles, polygons, 2D relationships - bisectors, perpendicular etc.

  • Statistics and Probability - measures of central tendency (average), outliers, circle graphs, determining likelihood

Practice Quizzes

8's multiple choice quizzing This is the Gr. 8 collection of M/C quizzes connected to our primary resource, Math Focus 8.

Math Focus Textbook

Focus 8 math textbook - all solutions

Current Focus - SP8.2 Statistics and Probability

Determining the possibility of outcomes

The bulk of the concepts used in Gr. 8 were introduce during Gr. 7. These included experimental and theoretical probability, odds vs probability, outcome and event, independent vs dependent, sample space. This unit reviews these concepts with a particular focus on determining independent outcomes. Specifically, students need to demonstrate understanding of the probability of independent events concretely, pictorially, orally, and symbolically.

These understandings are build upon important prior learning around ratios, decimals, fractions and percent.