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Gr 7 Social Studies outcomes/indicators
Gr 8 Social Studies outcomes/indicators

NB, there are two sections of SS. Below you will find material on both Gr. 7 and 8. Please note, during the year, you will a mixing of outcomes.

​Social Studies for Gr. 7 and 8 is a mix of four broad themes. Activities are varied and include individual, pair and group arrangements. Assessments include a collection of research projects, formal writing assignments, presentations and tests. Gr. 7 and 8 SS has a particular focus on Pacific rim and northern rim countries. Throughout the material, First Nations content is integrated.

  • Interactions and Interdependence of Nations

  • Dynamic Relationships

  • Power and Authority

  • Resources and Wealth

Current Theme - Mix of Interactions/Interdependence & Power and Authority

The current focus is a bit of mash up of themes. We're going to focus on several topics related to the history of immigration to what is now Canada leading to a look at the current state of immigration and citizenship. We will also take a short peek at the topic of culture, considering some basics of its aspects that help us note differences.

Topics for discussion/investigation include:

  • the timeline of immigration beginning with the arrival of the first indigenous people, arrival of European traders and on to current trends.

  • Consider the requirements for immigration, looking at the categories set by the Gov't of Canada

  • Learn about time in our collective history when government action made it more difficult for certain ethnicities to enter Canada

  • Students will take a fun citizenship test to measure what they know compared to the knowledge immigrants must master

Online Canadian Citizenship Test - instructions

  • Click here

  • select Saskatchewan and 40 questions

  • take the test

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