Social Studies

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Gr 7 Social Studies outcomes/indicators
Gr 8 Social Studies outcomes/indicators

NB, there are four themes to the SS program. Below you will find material on both Gr. 7 and 8. Please note, during the year, we will be mixing outcomes.

​Social Studies for Gr. 7 and 8 is a mix of four broad themes. Activities are varied and include individual, pair and group arrangements. Assessments include a collection of research projects, formal writing assignments, presentations and tests. Gr. 7 and 8 SS has a particular focus on Pacific rim and northern rim countries. Throughout the material, First Nations content is integrated.

  • Interactions and Interdependence of Nations

  • Dynamic Relationships

  • Power and Authority

  • Resources and Wealth

Current Theme - Interactions and Interdependence: Culture, Its Diversity and the Influence of Immigration,

Urban Canadian regions and their classrooms have become incredibility diverse. Until fairly recently, the majority of Canadians could trace their lineage to either the original indigenous peoples, some part of Europe or a mix of both. Immigration has always been a part of the Canadian experience but now has increased from other parts of the world to the point where it's quite common from a half dozen languages are spoken within a classroom. Along with this change comes different family practices and organization, dietary preferences, art, spiritual systems, and general customs for behaviour.

What does this mean for Canada? What is culture? How can understand it and appreciate how various cultures fit into overall Canadian values? In this unit, students examine the terms related to culture. They will consider both their own historical traditions and those of others. We will look at the implications of increased immigration.


Citizenship Challenge Activity - Citizenship Guide

Study guide for the test - duplicate

Jeopardy Game - play as part of your preparation. It does not replace reviewing notes.