Social Studies

Ministry of Education
Gr 7 Social Studies outcomes/indicators
Gr 8 Social Studies outcomes/indicators

NB, there are four themes to the SS program. Below you will find material on both Gr. 7 and 8. Please note, during the year, we will be mixing outcomes.

​Social Studies for Gr. 7 and 8 is a mix of four broad themes. Activities are varied and include individual, pair and group arrangements. Assessments include a collection of research projects, formal writing assignments, presentations and tests. Gr. 7 and 8 SS has a particular focus on Pacific rim and northern rim countries. Throughout the material, First Nations content is integrated.

  • Interactions and Interdependence of Nations

  • Dynamic Relationships

  • Power and Authority

  • Resources and Wealth

Current Theme - short activity set around climate and graphing

To support some activities in Gr. 8 Math around accuracy in graphing, we're spending a few periods looking a few of the major climate types around the world. The goal is building some basic understanding of factors that determine climate. The main activity is building a pair of climate graphs that provide an accurate snapshot of the yearly climate for two given regions. Student use notes provided in class along with their graphing skills to construct and assess climate in two locations.

Climate graphs