General Resources

Edsby - this link leads to the SPSD portal where parents can view posted grades and info about their children's school performance. Use of the portal is expanding but not all results will be published there.
-students can login at plus their school password

Microsoft 365 Login - click here to login to MS 365 and your personal OneDrive with 1TB of storage. Login at home with using the following steps:

  • ID is your student number.

  • If not on a school computer, you will be directed to a page requiring your school password as well

Britannica Encyclopedia - Use the link to reach the Digital Library page. Choose "Visit Britannica Learning". Log in using your public library card. Click Britannica Library at the top and you will see three option levels. You will likely prefer the middle option. I encourage you to avoid encyclopedias generally. However, when you need one, Britannica, available for free through the public library is much, much richer than Wikipedia. I will explain in class why Wikipedia always shows up in a search. Britannica has far more content per article.

  • you need your library card number and password

Saskatoon Public Library / E-library - for the price of a library card, there is a very deep well of free resources including books (of course), ebooks, graphic novels, audiobooks, magazines as well as videos and games. Digital tools such as Hoopla, Flipster and Library to Go offer rich access to resources and entertainment. Instruction in class will teach you how to access them.


  • Khan's Academy - need to review some math? You will at some point. This is simply the most helpful tutorial site on the web. It's filled with video tutorials and practice activities and quizzes. Look for targeted videos on my math page.

  • Math Glossary - not sure what a term/word means? Try this easy to use illustrated glossary of definitions.

  • Online Quizzing - a neat site that let's you choose the topic and then quizzes you.

  • Mathantics - truly awesome video tutorials on many math topics. I often place one or two on my math page.

Social Studies Resources

  • World Factbook - published by the Central Intelligence Agency. This site offers a detailed summary of economic, political, demographic data for each country in the world. It also houses handy maps and flag images. It's an invaluable starting point for quick information. You will use it many times this year.

  • If It Were My Home - using the data found in the World Factbook, this helpful site allows for direct comparison between Canada and another country. It quickly lists facts side by side. Potentially very handy.

  • The True Size - maps distort the more we move away from the equator. It's the problem caused by trying to fit, called "project", a spherical (ball shaped) object on to a flat surface. The proof? Look a standard map and compare the US to Greenland. Greenland looks huge. The US is actually 5X the area! Use this comparison tool to get a clearer comparison.

Using Math resource tools listed here.